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Feeling down is hard

Feeling down is hard

Feeling down is hard

Feeling down is hard

A tense neck.
A knotted stomach.
A pressure in your chest
that’s so full on
it limits your breathing.

It can be all of that and a whole lot more…

Feeling down can see
your whole body hurting so much
you feel totally fried.
Drained of all energy.
Drained of life.
And even totally numb.

If you’ve got a clear reason
as to why you feel so down
that’s tough enough.

it’s even even tougher
when you have no ‘good’ reason
to feels so down.

And that’s because
there’s nothing to point to
if there’s no clear problem
then there’s no clear solution.

Thoughts like
Why do I feel this way?
Why am I so apathetic?
Why can I just get shit done?
can be prominent.

But thoughts like
Why am I so pathetic?
Why am I so lazy?
Why can’t I just grow up and get on with it?!
and even worse
may also gradually start to creep in.

If this resonates with you
check out this video that I’ve create for you
it will talk about why we can get this way
and exactly what you can do about it. One core reason as to why we can end up feeling down.