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How to access FREEDOM in Learning

How to access FREEDOM in Learning

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Accessing FREEDOM in Learning

The wisdom held in this simple diagram is extraordinary.

The diagram represents the 4 Levels of Learning.  In theory, it outlines the steps we must all go through to learn anything new.

From the bottom up…
Step 1: UI – Unconscious Incompetence
                              You don’t know you don’t know
Step 2: CI – Conscious Incompetence
                              You know you don’t know
Step 3: CC – Conscious Competence
                              When you think about it, you know
Step 4: UC – Unconscious Competence
                              Without thinking about it, you know

It’s one of the most simply impactful images we’ve come across.

Because, in practice the steps give us a road map for success, amazing success that you may now struggle to believe could be true!  It sets a vision, outlines a path for the journey and gives the freedom for the traveller to be perfectly imperfect too.  All in just 8 letters!

The destination, at the top of the steps, could be your current vision – lets say a vision of becoming a master in a new area – whether it be a physical skill, a topic or realm of understanding or even connection with yourself or others.

The path is simple: go up the steps.
First you become aware of something “new” – you didn’t even know you didn’t know about this wonderful thing.
Then you realise you have no idea how to have that skill yourself.  You may have a go and then be very aware how bad you are at it!

With a little practice, you start to get the hang of that new skill.
And eventually, with a little more practice (or likely a lot more practice) you’ll become a master at it. (like learning to drive)

EVERYTHING you’ve learnt to date has followed this path!
If you look at your life you’ll realise you’re very adept at travelling it.

The great thing about this awareness is the freedom it gives you.  Anytime you’re not yet good at something just note where you are on the path.  I can guarantee you that you will no longer be on the bottom step!  And to get closer to the next step just requires a bit more practice.

We hope you find this as exciting as we did!

As mindset mentors we assist you to actively uncover the areas of Unconscious Incompetence.  By doing this one at a time over a period of 6 months you can literally transform your business & your life.  If you’d like to know more feel free to contact us by hitting the “reply” button or send us a message via  Mindset Coaching.