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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

leadership development coaching

We’re all familiar with the humble mirror

The coated glass that reflects an image

When we stand in front of it

we get to see ourselves

So cool!


But are you aware that there is a metaphorical mirror as well?


This metaphorical mirror

also reflects who we are

and we get to SEE ourselves too


Many things can offer a reflection if we are curious enough to see

These can be things like

how people react and respond to us


They reflect who we are being


How we show up when under the influence

reflects who we really are at our core

As our defences are down


That may feel a little confronting….


When we watch our children’s behaviour and interactions

they are reflecting who we have or have not been to them


That may be a little scary also…..


But the Metaphorical Mirror is pretty cool hey?

There are ‘Mirrors’ everywhere

If we care to look

Or even realise we CAN look…


One of the biggest mirrors available at the moment

Is COVID – 19

In its many and varied forms


But let’s just focus on one

The isolation part of it


If this was a ‘Mirror’ for you

What are you seeing?

What are you noticing about yourself?

What do you like?

What do you not like, about how you are being…..

What have you realised?


The benefit of thinking like this is to use this opportunity

As a refection tool (just like a mirror)


What if the world went back to normal tomorrow?

Would you be happy?

Do you want your normal life back?

Do you want your normal job back?

Or would you like to change some aspect

Of how things were….?


Maybe you do, maybe you don’t

But as a coach who works with leaders to assist them

To feel really good by creating internal change

Within themselves

I know this question is a powerful one


So have a play,

What does the mirror show you?

And are you happy with it……?

And if you want to make a change

Use the time now to do the THINKING work that is required