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The Most Priceless Present, EVER

The Most Priceless Present, EVER

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Beware: This concept may seem too simple.
Stay with us to the end if you want to grasp it’s power.

The Most Priceless Present, EVER.

In the coaching we do, no matter the challenges that our clients bring to the table* the absolute founding principle that we start with is that the ONLY person who can move the challenges you are facing is you.

No if’s no but’s no maybe’s.
And that’s because we work from a unique space…

Mindset Paradigm: I am 100% responsible for everything I experience in my life.

Simple concept.
Powerful concept.
But many people will say “It’s TOO SIMPLE!”

“It doesn’t take into account the virus I picked up from someone on the train nor does it allow for the car crash where someone hit me etc.”  They might also say….” It doesn’t account for the wife who’s husband beats her, it doesn’t account for the people who are born with physical challenges!”

But, what if you played with the idea…
What if, you chose to believe that it was true?
What would be different in your life?
What could be different in your life?

Our experience in working with thousands of people over the years is that a whole lot changes.
It’s literally life changing.

Is it true?  We care not!

Because, whether it’s technically true or not, when we can internalise the above statement, right through to our core, then we gain access to a source of power that most are oblivious too.

It’s the power of belief in ourselves.
The power of knowing, truly knowing, that we control our destiny.

And the power brings with it an amazing feeling of peace because we no longer need to ponder the unanswerable and therefore agitating question of “why me?”.

Instead we can actively seek the answer to a much more important question:  “For what purpose would I choose to experience this?”  And, the answer’s always within us.

I encourage you to try this belief on… it can be a challenge to work with it to start with.  But it gets easier & easier and time goes on and, what’s more, the results get more and more profoundly positive.


* The format of the work is irrelevant: A 1:1 session, a group immersion personal development day or even a presentation to them when they are 1 of 200 or more people.