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The Easiest Way to an Unbelievable 2015

The Easiest Way to an Unbelievable 2015

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You want a good life… Yes?
How about a great life? Maybe.
What about a divine life…  Would you still be with me?

No matter your current situation, if you’re reading this email then we know you’re capable of creating the latter.  That is, a divine life, for YOU.

And 2015 can be the year that gets you on track or speeds up your progress to that ideal existence.  BUT, only if you’re open.

“Open?”  You may be thinking.  “Isn’t everyone open to creating an awesome life?”

No.  No, they’re not.

An awesome life is just a few steps away for the vast majority of people in this country.

But in order to take those steps they need to be OPEN to believing it’s possible.

And many people are not.
And that’s the truth.

Test it out.

Ask a few colleagues and friends:  “Do you believe you can create an unbelievably awesome life for yourself? One that’s so good you tingle when you think about the life you’re living?”

And then, watch their reactions.

There’ll be many responses that highlight the person is NOT open to creating such a life.

They’ll include:

  • Scoffing at your question – It’s far easier to slap someone for asking a tough question than to try to answer it
  • Sighing heavily – While they would love to believe it’s possible they just can’t bring themselves believe that it is for them.

Or answers like:

  • I have a good life & I think that’s enough – This is one of the biggest hurdles.  They’re worried that seeking awesome may ruin the good they already have.
  •  I can’t be bothered –  A cynical way of saying “I don’t believe I’m capable of creating it”

These are closed responses.  And if we’re closed a divine life is certainly NOT going to happen.

You may get a few responses that indicate openness (and this is where YOU need to sit if you want to create such a life)…

  •  I do! I’ll be damned if I can work out how to create it BUT I’m working on it!: I personally love the honesty in this type of response.

Or very occasionally you will find an individual who says, in a humble way, something like…

  • Yes! My life is awesome and I love continually working on it to keep it that way.

They have experienced it and they’re happily working to create more of that experience.

That’s other people.  What about you?
Where would your response fit?
Are YOU open to creating an awesome life in 2015?

It’s as simple as deciding you’re willing to believe you can create it and then seeking opportunities and insights to make that true for yourself.

We encourage you to step away from the pack and make that definite decision for yourself, now. Because being OPEN to an unbelievable 2015 makes the achievement of it possible.