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The Mindset Profit Model at the workplace – InspireTribe

The Mindset Profit Model at the workplace – InspireTribe

The Mindset Profit Model at the workplace

Our mindset determines the ‘profit’ we get out of life both in our personal life and also our careers. Let’s look at why the state of our mindset is important to business and team members alike.

So why do some businesses plateau and some evolve at a very rapid rate?

Truth be known, the game of business isn’t that complex. Business requires strategy, for example sell widgets to people that want widgets. But we all know, not all businesses access all of their potential profit. Some make a heap of profit. Others barely get by, some go broke.

Simplistically speaking, the difference comes down to the mindset of the business owner and the leadership or executive team.

Limited mindset = limited access to potential profit.

But if we expand the mindset of the leadership team, then we expand their ability to access that potential profit.

Leadership teams in particular love the work we do because when we expand an individual’s mindset in the business landscape we also expands their mindset in the home landscape.

If we look at this mindset profit model, not in terms of business but in terms of our own personal and executive work life, then we can see why individuals receive so much benefit.

When it comes to life, we all have a strategy.

The most common one (not necessarily the right one) is to get married, build a good career, have a couple of kids, buy a house and maybe an investment property, pay it all off and live happily ever after. We bring to that plan the skills that we learn from our parents, our mentors at work, schooling and life experiences.

As with business, where strategy and skills overlap there’s a potential for profit.

Now when it comes to our life both at home and in the workplace, our profit is slightly different to business. It may be cash in the bank. But it can also be feeling loved or feeling happy. Often life profit is measured by certain questions a skilled executive coach will ask you, such as:

  • Do I have energy at the end of the working week? Or do I slide into the end of the week feeling absolutely wrecked?
  • When I go through the week, do I do it in a way that feels relaxed and zen-like to myself?
  • Do I think that I’m winning at the game of life both in my career and at home?
  • Do I think that I’ve achieved all that I thought that I could at work and at home?
  • Have I reached the outer limits of my potential in the workplace and at home?

If you feel like you haven’t reached the outer limits of your potential, then as an executive coach, I can guarantee that you have a mindset limitation. You have a lot of potential, but your mindset is holding you back from reaching it. This is important both at home and at the workplace.

Sometimes executives get pushed out of their comfort zone, such as getting promoted, and other people see their potential, but they feel they’re held back.

When we expand our mindset, through the help of a leadership coach, we expand our ability to access the potential profit in all areas of our lives both in the workplace and at home.

Limited thinking brings limited results in your business too. But when we expand your thinking and the thinking of your team, we expand your ability to access wonderful results.