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Your Thinking Level Determines Your Income Level

Your Thinking Level Determines Your Income Level

While our skill level will determine our reputation, it does NOT determine our income level.  Many of us are gifted at our craft and yet, left to our own devices, only a few will be capable of turning that gift into a solid income.

The reason for this is our income will be capped by our level of thinking. So, the key to increasing your income to the next level is to increase your thinking.

download (10)The Mindset Evolution Scale outlines the 8 levels of thinking.  While it reflects how you handle life in general, today we’ll use it to see how your remuneration reflects your thinking level.

Being able to cycle through the top three levels is the difference between:
•   Your income going up initially and then staying about the same year after year and
•   Your income increasing at whatever speed you desire.

(Read from the bottom up.  ie. From Destructive up)

Evolved – Income shifts to the next level as the problems of the old level are easily solved now

Embracive – Takes on new ideas.  Adapts & implements

Expansive – Looks forward & asks “What do I need to do differently?”

Diagnostic*** – Looks back & asks “Why am I not paid what I feel I’m worth?”

Determined** – Works really hard at doing the right thing in an effort to get paid better

Diligent – Does things the right way. Trusts others will eventually pay them what they’re worth

Dogmatic* – Keeps doing it their way and grizzles about not being paid what they’re worth

Destructive – Doesn’t want to be financially recognised for their skills

*    Dogmatic occasionally leads to very high income levels. Evident from an
early age – a youngster who chooses the craft of making money
**   Most get stuck at this level
*** This is a critical level – some look back, get cynical & drop back to a
lower level.  Few go to the next level