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3 ways executive and leadership coaching and mentoring can transform your business

3 ways executive and leadership coaching and mentoring can transform your business

When in leadership roles, many of us are expected to be quick thinking and decisive. Doubt and second-guessing yourself can cause employees to become doubtful and sceptical. In addition to making decisions, there are other skills and qualities that are required of a good leader. Taking the time out to undergo some training, coaching and mentoring can improve your career prospects many times over and will change the way you manage your business for the better. Read on to learn more:

What is executive and leadership coaching and mentoring?  

Executive and leadership coaches and mentors essentially act as a guide, educator and confidant for leaders. While a coach will only ask questions, a coach and mentor will accelerate your learning when they can and coach when they need to. They can also act as challengers and help you develop your sense of certainty and self-belief. The goal of the mentor is to holistically develop the executive or leader. 

Executive and leadership coaching can take place in short bursts but the most advanced leaders understand that being challenged in the coaching room is by far the fastest and least expensive way to uncover their intellectual and emotional blocks. Your mentor will grow with you to meet your needs and expectations at every stage. They will help you maximise your performance as a leader and through this help you navigate the direction of your business.

Why should I undergo executive or leadership coaching and mentoring?

Executive or leadership coaching can help you transform your business by helping you learn how to be an effective leader. The following are just some of the ways it can help you:

1. Learn how to be a leader

It takes more than a title to make a leader. Through coaching, you can learn what makes an effective leader. Leadership is a learned role, and with it comes responsibility and consequences. Recognising and believing this means that you can lead effectively and your employees will not fear blame in implementing new strategies. 

2. Improve your self-confidence

Many people expect that coaching will bring them hard skills like decision making and conflict resolution. However, it will also impact the softer skills. What is called “human effectiveness” and emotional intelligence is often the most improved. It means that leaders learn to have deeper level of self-awareness, which is the critical precursor to a deeper level of understanding and empathy for others.  The outcome is more meaningful relationships both at home and at work. This, in turn, can bring about loyalty among staff who see the business succeeding as personal to them.

Furthermore, the development of softer skills recognises that employers don’t just want extremely productive robots, but they also want real people that will bring impact and change confidently. Even if you work for yourself, this can change the way you engage with your staff and the way you run your business. 

3. Learn to trust

As an effective leader, you must learn to trust those who work with you, for you and under you. This can be difficult as delegating responsibility does not come easy to many leaders. Being a good leader means recognising that the cohesiveness of a good team is what makes a business thrive rather than the ability of any given individual. 

A lack of trust in others actually has a foundation of a lack of trust in self. The foundation of great delegation is to be willing to learn through not only our own mistakes, but the mistakes of others as we learn to work with them. Many of us don’t trust that we will be able to successfully navigate that very uncertain path. 

Executive coaching and mentoring that is backed by the frameworks of the EQ Code can assist you to rapidly deepen your own level of self-awareness and also learn to deal with others. As you see and grow through the patterns of your own blocks, you quickly understand how to guide others and then, as you learn to see the patterns in others, solving a particular challenge with one team member (or colleague or superior) will allow you to rapidly learn how to solve the same challenge with other personalities (as the fundamental human patterns are always similar).


Executive and leadership coaching can help you transform your business since it can help you understand your role as a leader. It will also encourage personal growth in terms of emotional intelligence and self-confidence which will also help you master your leadership role. Moreover, trusting your colleagues and employees is crucial to business success.

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