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Author: Nikk Hughes

Success In LIfe

Some seem to really have it, but many don’t. So there must be a special secret… surely. Well, there is and we’re going to share it with you. Before doing so, we want you to commit to replying to this email and letting us know how you feel about knowing it. Deal? If so, read…
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How to make 2015 a year of Inspired Action

When you’re young you have so much energy. Time seems endless. In fact you’ve got so much time you sometimes feel bored. Remember being bored? It may have been a long time ago! Age brings more responsibility & more ‘to do’s’ It also brings an awareness of the finiteness of time. Our method of deciding…
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Relationship Gridlock

Are you gridlocked in one or more of your relationships? One of the most common & debilitating ailments we see in relationships (both professional and personal) is what we call “gridlock”. It’s impact is negative and astronomically high. And, it can affect even the best of relationships over time. Gridlock is the predicament of reaching…
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Blowing up emotional land mines

Before getting started you may want to share this article with your partner. Not so you can fix them. But so they are aware that YOU are ready to start to blow up some of your land mines. Perhaps they may look to do the same, perhaps not. Either way, if you can blow all…
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Life Changing Insights into Giving & Taking

To identify the intention with which we give and take is as simple as checking in with the type of statements that we relate to below. You will find that you will be good at giving & taking in some parts of your life and need to improve in others. The beauty of this is…
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