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Chaos to Calm Breakfast

Chaos to Calm Breakfast

You are invited to a networking event with a very practical twist.

Date:  Tuesday 28 November 2017
Time:   7.30am start (till 9.00am)
Venue:  Audi Melbourne Centre,
501 Swanston Street, Melbourne

We know business owners are often time poor, stressed about cash flow, and can think about their business 24/7.  They often feel isolated from discussing their work issues with colleagues, the board or their partners.  Some have anxiety, many have sleeping problems, and most feel they’re not spending sufficient time with family and friends.

And, based on industry research, the majority are working “in” the business with no real roadmap for realising it’s value.

Use this event to make sure you’re NOT one of the masses.

Come to meet others who are proactive about creating a business that works for them and get an insight into how to shift your thinking in the critical areas of your business (and life too!).

Go from chaos to calm, from good to great, from isolated to connected… the choice will be yours!

Tickets:  Click here to register  
Includes light breakfast with coffee
Cost of $45 per head with proceeds donated to charity

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Question:  Did you know it’s possible to become the person who can actually achieve what you FEEL you SHOULD be able to achieve?
(We know this as we have a system that we guarantee).
Given that, what do you need to allow yourself to DO NOW in order to make that possibility a reality?
Can I suggest that you do no more dreaming or thinking about your future until you’ve taken that first step!

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