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Emotional Coding

Emotional Coding

Emotional Coding

Emotional Coding

As humans,
from the day we are born,
we are wired to learn carefully
from those who raise us.

We are wired to copy and mirror
those who care for us
such that we end up thinking and acting
about the same as them.

This makes evolutionary sense.

It ensures we will be accepted by
the tribe we are born into.

Fit in with the tribe and survive.
End up alone and die.

For some
this fact is music to their ears.

For others
it helps to make it clear
why they are the way they are
and why they can’t get their life
heading in the direction they wish to go.

We can’t change
the environment we were born into.

But we can change how we think.

Our start in life
may have a massive influence
on how our life unfolds.

However our ability to understand and upgrade
the foundational thinking that drives us
is a far greater predictor
of our levels of happiness and fulfillment,
of the quality of our relationships
and our level of success

Upgrade your core emotional coding
to upgrade your life.