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All humans experience anxiety….

All humans experience anxiety….

All humans experience anxiety

All humans experience anxiety….

During times of significant change,
feelings of anxiety can become so pervasive and so intense
that they impact an individual’s school or work life, social life
and even their personal life too.

If anxiety is impacting your life,
it’s important to know
it is possible to learn to
not only manage the anxious feelings,
it’s also possible to learn to use the energy in a positive way.

Depending on your starting point
and what you’ve tried before,
that simple sentence may sound like
a dream or a mirage,
but it isn’t.

The key with learning to manage anxiety
is to first understand that anxiety is not always logical.

And, that’s totally ok.
Feelings are NOT supposed to be always logical.
It’s important to understand this
because expecting our feelings to always be logical
is setting ourselves up to fail,
and, critically, trying to logically calm anxiety will not work.

Trying to calm strong feelings and emotions
with words and logic
is a whole lot like trying to catch a wave of water
with a net…
it’s not so useful!

The key to learning to work with our feelings
(and particularly strong feelings like anxiety)
is to understand that feelings are not swayed by words and logic.

Our feelings are our protector.
They can be a guard dog of sorts.
And, just like a guard dog,
they understand certain words,
but practically, we really can’t logic with them!

So, if you’ve spent years speaking to various counsellors
but you’ve found that no amount of reason
has assisted you to deal with your anxiety
this is because you’re trying to logically work with
the emotional part of your brain.

The prefrontal cortex may now know what you ‘should’ do
BUT under pressure, your feelings and emotions
(from the mid & hind brain) push through the logic and take over.

While it’s true that we do need to use logic,
for our logic to work with and guide our feelings,
we need to move beyond words.

And that’s where the EQ Code comes in.
The EQ Code uses logic and symbols
to assist individuals to connect to and work with
the strongest of feelings.

Symbols are understood by the mid and hind brain.
Symbols guide us to do things like
? stop,
⚠ take care or
⛔ stay out with minimal thought.

Simple symbols
create strong emotional scaffolding
which allows individuals
to easily access transformational shifts
in emotional understanding and self-management.

If you or a loved one are seeking to manage anxiety
Please ask us about the life changing EQ Code onRAMP programme.

It takes just 1 hour a week across 9 weeks
to learn the EQ Code and access dramatic and profound
life changing shifts.

We would love to help you (or your loved one)
transform your relationship
with the very powerful feeling of anxiety.