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Category: Change Management

How High Intelligence Keeps You Poor

Often intelligent people are held back in their efforts to become wealthy as they’re too smart for their own good. Literally. After running an award winning mortgage broking business for 12 years and personally dealing with 1,000’s of clients I know a person’s mindset around money is by far the most critical aspect to determining their level of…
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The Easiest Way to an Unbelievable 2015

Open door to new life on the field. Hope, success, new life and world concepts. Other original versions of this concept available in my portfolio. You want a good life… Yes? How about a great life? Maybe. What about a divine life…  Would you still be with me? No matter your current situation, if you’re…
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How to Avoid needing luck to get to your ideal life

6 months ago Sarah had been looked at doing some personal development.  She’d been looking for quite a period of time already and had done seminars, business coaching and lots of networking.  It was all with the aim of becoming more profitable so she could get to that deep sense of internal success.  But, despite…
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How LOGICAL People LIMIT Business

The basics of business are logical. You make sales of X That costs you Y So the Profit, Z, is X take away Y. Z = X – Y It’s all very logical. And quite simple too. But this is just the surface of business. Imagine an accounting company of 500 people that’s highly organised…
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How To Become 10x More Effective

The quickest way to become more effective is to get seriously creative about how you can STOP! doing the things you don’t like to do. We kid you not. You see, when you stop doing the things you hate doing… You gain back the time you spent doing that task. You also gain the time you…
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