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Category: Change Management

Valuing your feelings

How to quickly assist a person (who is holding you or your project back) to let go of the past and embrace change

Got someone in your team, (they may be above or below you) who’s holding things back? They need to change. But, they’re resisting it. :-/ Maybe it’s conscious. Maybe it’s not. Either way, it’s slowing everything down. They say they want to move forward. But their actions indicate otherwise. They’re not happy about the change.…
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Are you lazy in your thinking?

Great success requires great work It sounds like a basic concept of success. It’s pretty simple.  In fact it’s so simple you could flippantly read it and go, “Yep, I know that.” The truth for me, is that for 20 years I did exactly that to many of the valuable concepts I came across… “Yep, I know that.”…
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Make 2016 the year you WANT to remember

As a New Year Kick-Off we’re offering 15min Mindset Acceleration Sessions to those of you who receive this email – that’s better than any tip we could possibly offer!  It’s obligation free and sales free too – just 15 mins of laser coaching on any issue you want. If you’re not sure, read below! Yesterday at…
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The Procrastination Delusion

The Procrastination Delusion There’s a bomb shell that I’m about to drop and then there’s some gold to be found in the hole… The bomb… Procrastination doesn’t exist. It’s a made up word. The internet will tell you that it’s the avoidance of a task that “needs” to be done…. Ummm, if it so needed…
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MINDSET: How to deal with other people’s NEGATIVE opinions

Learn how to deal with negative opinions from others, while still being open to receiving ALL and any POSITIVE feedback in this 5 minute mindset video.

Creating more opportunities for yourself

Children model their parents learning ‘how to be’ and ‘what to do’ in various situations.  Our brains remember what we learn by laying down neural pathways from one point to another.  Eg. When (A) happens, do (B) and then positive feeling (C) becomes available. Note: If we have a negative role model we may choose…
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Dismiss First World Problems at Your Own Cost

Have you ever felt part of you scream “I should be happier than I am” or “I feel bad as I should have achieved more by now “? Have you diminished or ignored feelings of frustration, sadness or disappointment by comparing your problems to those who live in countries of war and famine? You may even…
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The unseen power of NOT

Tell a 2 year old  “Don’t look at the sun” and the FIRST thing they do is turn their head to…you guessed it, stare at the sun! Luckily, as we grow up we evolve.  So as adults, at worst, we’ll only peek!  Because our conscious brain learns to quickly processes the concept of NOT doing…
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From the age of 20 I went to heaps of courses, read hundreds of books & listened to thousands of hours of audio books too.  Over a period of 15 years I invested in excess of $150,000 learning as much as I could to create wealth and an ideal life.  It worked.  I was doing pretty well financially and my life was…
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Fast Track with Feedback

Feedback: Some say get as much as you can, others say ignore it unless it’s from a select few.   We say, feedback is the fast track to your personal & business success.  If you’re not consistently seeking it & acting on it you’re taking the slow road. Your mindset around feedback is critical. How…
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