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Category: Emotional Intelligence

MINDSET: Using the Fear of Failure to your Advantage

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. When you take the above core belief (if you think you can, you can) and mix it with a fear of failure, it’s almost the perfect recipe for success. Sounds a bit crazy? It’s not, because when you choose to believe the above,…
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Discover the philosophy behind Inspire Tribe and why Mindset Mentoring works

In this interview you will discover: Why logical people can make big shifts quickly What your language “really” says How to find the thing you’re “Searching” for How to create a sustainable euphoric feeling How Nikk and Yolande create synergy through their differences How a mindset shift can improve your relationships How to transform problems…
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Fast Track with Feedback

Feedback: Some say get as much as you can, others say ignore it unless it’s from a select few.   We say, feedback is the fast track to your personal & business success.  If you’re not consistently seeking it & acting on it you’re taking the slow road. Your mindset around feedback is critical. How…
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The Most Priceless Present, EVER

Beware: This concept may seem too simple. Stay with us to the end if you want to grasp it’s power. The Most Priceless Present, EVER. In the coaching we do, no matter the challenges that our clients bring to the table* the absolute founding principle that we start with is that the ONLY person who can…
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The Easiest Way to an Unbelievable 2015

Open door to new life on the field. Hope, success, new life and world concepts. Other original versions of this concept available in my portfolio. You want a good life… Yes? How about a great life? Maybe. What about a divine life…  Would you still be with me? No matter your current situation, if you’re…
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When a BRIGHT Light Shines on You

Many of us like to think that when life is going well we get to experience ourselves at our best.   We’re happy so therefore we must be at our best… right? But when it comes to mindsets and how we choose to look at life, the above is a limiting way think. Try this on… What if, when the…
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Strength in Separation

How to make it happen. SEPARATION Sometimes life doesn’t go as we planned. Even with the best of intentions. Separation means loss.  And it’s not just loss of a relationship.  For many, it’s the loss of a lot of time in the post-separation period – time spent working out how to deal with the loss…
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Blowing up emotional land mines

Before getting started you may want to share this article with your partner. Not so you can fix them. But so they are aware that YOU are ready to start to blow up some of your land mines. Perhaps they may look to do the same, perhaps not. Either way, if you can blow all…
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Life Changing Insights into Giving & Taking

To identify the intention with which we give and take is as simple as checking in with the type of statements that we relate to below. You will find that you will be good at giving & taking in some parts of your life and need to improve in others. The beauty of this is…
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