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Category: Emotional Intelligence

Dealing with Pressure

Below are a series of relatively simple tips to help you use any kind of pressure to YOUR advantage.  Step 1) Acknowledge it!  It’s pretty challenging (impossible really) to work with something you’re ignoring. So, get good at acknowledging what bodily signals tell you that you are feeling some form of pressure. Step 2) Decide…
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What to do when “Life’s great BUT you don’t feel great…”

  Closing the Gap. Today’s thoughts are important thoughts. Because the challenge of not feeling great when you have a great life is a very real challenge. It looks something like this. You’re making good money. You have a lovely home. You might have a wonderful partner. And you may even have ‘super’ kids. Hell,…
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The very simple differences between a good leader and a great one 

As a leader your job is simple. It’s to know where you are heading and to help those who work with you to head in that direction too. It’s to simplify and clearly identify what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. It’s to help those who are walking alongside you…
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Why always finding Silver Linings is dangerous for your health. And what to do about it.

  When we look for the silver lining we’re looking for the good in a bad situation. If you’re good at finding silver linings  I encourage you to check if they fit the Platinum benchmark. I say this because I made the mistake in my earlier years  of always settling for silver linings. I was…
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Why EQ beats IQ, hands down. The Maths of Emotional Intelligence

  I used to think logic was the be all and end all. I used to think that what I knew was far more important than how I felt. EQ or EI Training? “Ummm…” “It’s sort of important” I used to think. Because truth be known, deep down I used to truly believe the rigour…
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If only someone had been able to tell me I was thinking like a loser

  I used to be really into vision boards and goals. I had lists of things that I wanted to have, of experiences I wanted to do, and of financial goals I wanted to reach. I was a high achiever because I set those goals and then focussed on making them a reality. This process…
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How to shift your negative thinking. Effortlessly! And in the process become the person you want to be.

We’re often unaware of our primary driving thoughts. the ones that we really care about and that influence us from one day to the next. And, when we’re unaware of these thoughts, we may not realise the negative thinking that lurks within us. And the affect it has on our life. If we’re not aware…
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Using Free-Flow Writing to capture a Stream of Consciousness

Ok. So, You’re looking to capture a Stream of Consciousness. The InspireTribe free-flow writing rules are really simple. Open an email. Set the timer for 10 mins. Then start tapping away. Don’t stop. Keep writing. About what? Well, whatever you like! What’s been happening. How you FEEL about it. (The latter is important – write…
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Valuing your feelings

How to quickly assist a person (who is holding you or your project back) to let go of the past and embrace change

Got someone in your team, (they may be above or below you) who’s holding things back? They need to change. But, they’re resisting it. :-/ Maybe it’s conscious. Maybe it’s not. Either way, it’s slowing everything down. They say they want to move forward. But their actions indicate otherwise. They’re not happy about the change.…
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Three LIFE CHANGING insights

No 1: The only dumb question is the unasked one As a youngster I was crazily competitive.  And I was pretty smart but far from gifted. These days I’d say I’m gifted in a few areas. The first: I’m gifted at asking the dumb questions. This started as a work around. The theory was to ask enough…
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