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Category: Leadership

Leading “The Hard Way” or “The Easy Way”

Many leaders are still choosing to lead the hard way – that’s where you do the things you need to do, to get the results you have to get, because as the leader you think you should be doing it, even though it feels like endless tiring work! Do you feel a bit exhausted after…
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How Lucky People Create Their Luck

In business I was “lucky” that a friend happened to be going to a personal development seminar 20 years ago and they asked if I wanted to come.  The rest has absolutely nothing to do with luck.   In my personal life I was “lucky” because I happened to meet Yolande in a course one day.   The rest has…
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What A Laser Cutter Can Teach Us About Successful Mindsets

A laser cutter is to light what a successful mindset is to thoughts. The theory sounds almost unbelievable: Light can be used to cut objects. Thoughts can create anything that can be congruently imagined. With specificity and focus they become special: A series of coherent focussed light waves create a laser cutter. A series of coherent focussed thoughts create a successful mindset.…
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How to access FREEDOM in Learning

Accessing FREEDOM in Learning The wisdom held in this simple diagram is extraordinary. The diagram represents the 4 Levels of Learning.  In theory, it outlines the steps we must all go through to learn anything new. From the bottom up… Step 1: UI – Unconscious Incompetence                        …
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The True LEADERS Of Today

The True LEADERS Of Today Long gone are the days when the leader could set a company vision and trust that the team would be happy to diligently work towards that goal. In the early centuries leaders could be dogmatic –     “Do it my way or pay with your life!” By the 1900’s diligience…
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Do you wrestle with “The Winner’s CHALLENGE”?

No matter your lot in life there are challenges. It’s easy to believe that when people have money they have fewer challenges.  But the opposite is often the case.  In fact, from a certain point (beyond having access to basic food, shelter and clean water) it can start to get quite tough. It’s the “Winner’s Challenge” and it’s a case of the more…
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How LOGICAL People LIMIT Business

The basics of business are logical. You make sales of X That costs you Y So the Profit, Z, is X take away Y. Z = X – Y It’s all very logical. And quite simple too. But this is just the surface of business. Imagine an accounting company of 500 people that’s highly organised…
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How To Become 10x More Effective

The quickest way to become more effective is to get seriously creative about how you can STOP! doing the things you don’t like to do. We kid you not. You see, when you stop doing the things you hate doing… You gain back the time you spent doing that task. You also gain the time you…
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Success In LIfe

Some seem to really have it, but many don’t. So there must be a special secret… surely. Well, there is and we’re going to share it with you. Before doing so, we want you to commit to replying to this email and letting us know how you feel about knowing it. Deal? If so, read…
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