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Category: Training

The CONFRONTING Truth of 3 Little Lines

Logically and realistically, life’s not perfect. It’s never been perfect and it never will be. But it can feel very close to it. And no matter who you are or what your starting point is, as long as you know where you are now, where you’ve been, where you’d like to go, and how you might go about…
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How to feel FREEDOM and INSPIRATION at work

Learn how to achieve your goals, feel freedom and inspiration at work and get what you really want by following the Conscious Evolution Model highlighted in this video. To download a PDF of this model, click here.


Start increasing your energy levels today by shifting your mindset. In this 3min video, Nikk Seagren explains why your energy feels like it’s been lost, and how you can find it again.

Leading “The Hard Way” or “The Easy Way”

Many leaders are still choosing to lead the hard way – that’s where you do the things you need to do, to get the results you have to get, because as the leader you think you should be doing it, even though it feels like endless tiring work! Do you feel a bit exhausted after…
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How to STOP feeling HELD BACK by a Boss, Partner or Family Member

STOP Feeling Held Back Feeling held back by a significant person in our life is quite a common sensation.  It could be your partner, your boss or the people you’ve been assigned to lead or a family member.   Take a moment to check for yourself… Who in your life do you feel is holding you back…
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Freedom begins with…

Taking 100% ownership for everything we experience. The good, bad & ugly. Counter intuitive, isn’t it. The critical point is, when we believe that others are responsible for making our lives better or worse we give them control – control over how we feel and what we do. Whether it’s fact or not, when we choose…
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The Science Behind Getting Big Results

A recent Sydney University study concluded that just 3% of our brain power is conscious. That leaves a whopping 97% in the unconscious realm. For someone like myself (with a logical engineering background) it finally provides me with some understanding of why I’ve witnessed such dramatic results in others, as well as experiencing them personally, when…
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How to very simply ADD 20% to your income

In today’s world skills and competency are a commodity.  It’s so easy to learn a new skill in any area and, with a relatively small investment, find someone to assist you to master it to a high degree.Certainty in the knowledge you have of your craft and certainty in your ability to add value through using it is the rare commodity.…
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The Easiest Way to an Unbelievable 2015

Open door to new life on the field. Hope, success, new life and world concepts. Other original versions of this concept available in my portfolio. You want a good life… Yes? How about a great life? Maybe. What about a divine life…  Would you still be with me? No matter your current situation, if you’re…
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How to access FREEDOM in Learning

Accessing FREEDOM in Learning The wisdom held in this simple diagram is extraordinary. The diagram represents the 4 Levels of Learning.  In theory, it outlines the steps we must all go through to learn anything new. From the bottom up… Step 1: UI – Unconscious Incompetence                        …
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